Rebuild & Repair

Engine Rebuild & Repair

at CW Exhaust & Auto Care of Olympia

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, the main component that uses the fuel to run all the other systems. It depends on the continued healthy functionality of the engine. Over time, wear and tear can degrade the performance of your vehicle’s engine, which can lead to serious malfunction and eventual engine failure.

Rebuilt Engines

Replacing an existing, worn engine with a newly rebuilt or remanufactured engine can add years of life to quality vehicles and makes the best sense for cars between four and twelve years old. If there is nothing wrong with the body of your car, if other components are still functioning, and it is in good driving condition, engine replacement can keep your vehicle running like new for years to come.

We frequently replace engines in all makes and models, foreign and domestic, and have many years of experience.

You can also opt to have the existing engine rebuilt, if the damage is minimal. Our skilled service technicians have the knowledge required to advise you on the best course of action to save you both money and stress when it comes time to make the decision.

Engine Maintenance

An engine that has been properly maintained through the years should last anywhere from 100,000 miles and up. Maintenance and care of engines includes regular oil and filter changes, spark plug changes, timing belt replacement, and coolant replacement. With neglect, the engine is fatally damaged. In many cases, it can be too costly to make the repairs to the existing engine, and getting rid of the vehicle altogether can be a waste of money already invested into a fine automobile. Under these circumstances, engine replacements are the common choice, extending the life of the vehicle and often costing less than the repair of the current engine.


  • Charles is very good at what he does. He fixed my husband's brakes and my client's truck. I will recommend everybody I know to him. Sabrina Chesley
  • Quality work at a great price. Charles took care of the exhaust on my truck, and did a great job on it. I highly recommend CW Exhaust and Auto Care. Curtis Bush
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