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One of the main sources of noise from most small engine or internal combustion vehicles are the hot gases being forced out of the cylinder for every exhaust stroke. A Muffler’s main job is to dramatically reduce that noise. After years of use, the gases released from the exhaust will leave a thick hard layer of soot or resin inside the Muffler that creates increased resistance to the gases exiting the cylinders. When this type of soot accumulates, it is best not to try repairing your muffler. When a Muffler shows initial signs of deterioration such as this, it's in your best interest to replace it.

Exhaust Repair

The muffler is the canister and tail pipe that deadens the sound of the exhaust before it escapes from the car. The exhaust system consists of the header, the downpipe and the exhaust piping, down to the muffler at the end. If you have an issue with your exhaust system, some signs are feeling dizzy or nauseous while driving, or you hear noise from the area. Or you may see black sooty smoke coming out of the back of the car. That definitely indicates an issue with your exhaust system. Bring the car in to CW and let an expert check it out for you.

Custom Exhaust

Custom exhaust and mufflers are for the car or truck enthusiast looking to enhance the horsepower and torque of the vehicle. We feature products from Dynomax, Flowmaster, Magnaflow and other high performance brands. Give us a call at (360) 489-0589, and we will be happy to answer any questions for you.


  • Charles is very good at what he does. He fixed my husband's brakes and my client's truck. I will recommend everybody I know to him. Sabrina Chesley
  • Quality work at a great price. Charles took care of the exhaust on my truck, and did a great job on it. I highly recommend CW Exhaust and Auto Care. Curtis Bush
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